2011 drafts

Emily - Here are your drafts! :-)

Thank you :-)

Katie - Update...

Katie - What do you think about this???



Kim -
Updated invite :-)

update :-)

dd - two for you!!!

Jennifer - UPDATE!

Jennifer - here are two examples :-)

Here is an updated draft!

Here are some drafts Emily!

Here are some drafts Wende!

Update #2 :-)

 Here is the updated version - still a few ??s tho!

Ravin - Here are some samples... They aren't necessarily for twins, but we can make them customized for twins!!!

Cameron - here is an updated version :-)

What about this? :-)

Here are a few to review, Sarah!

Here is the latest :-)


Meredith - Here are some samples for you! This first one is a full page picture with the message printed on the back of the 5x7 card.

Julie - here are your drafts! The insert card is 3.5x2. The invitation is 5x7. Please let me know if the sizes are oK!

Ash - see if this works!!!

 Kelly - here are some choices :-).

Here you go gal - some samples for you!