Tuesday, February 2, 2010

face examples and goods!

The thank you notes are folded note cards, so they are presented here as if they were opened up flat :-).

Rebecca - here are some samples ;-)

Kristen - Here are some thank you's that I have done for younger girlies :-).

Kimberly - here are some examples!!!

bag tags and gift tags


Carrie - Here are some samples :-)

Sara - what do you think? I think it looks fine!!

Sara - Here are a few more designs :-).

Kim - these are for you :-).

Here you go rachel!


Stumbo samples :-)

That lighter blue on the first example is representative of a ribbon.

Updates :)

Here are some I have done in the past :-).

Hey Alice - What about the color blue?

Alice - here are some samples for you!

Please review for print! :-) woohoo!

More :-)

Brit: updates...

Britney - Here are a few!

The updated final :-)

Mary - check these out...

Eli - draft #1

Eli - draft #2

Eli - draft #3

Both - draft #1

Both - draft #2

Here are some samples, Elizabeth :o).

draft #1

draft #2

draft #3

draft #4

Here are a few with font changes :o)

Here are a few lady bug examples for you - just review design now and we can talk font, wording, etc. after a design is decided :-). If you don't care for any of them I can start over :0).